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Exclusive, Colorful, Bold, and Inspirational are the words that some have used to describe Courtney Walker. The guy who did his math and added an idea plus his ambition and made it equal to turning his dreams into a reality. How did this young man from Dallas become a competitor in the world of fashion? It all began with a telephone, the yellow pages, and a call that would change everything.


A call to one of the most notable and exclusive designers in the fashion industry, Nicolas Villalba, and asked for a chance. Villalba saw his drive and desire to hone his craft in design and style and quickly took him under his tutelage. Under his leadership, Courtney was molded into a stylist whose intuitive skills were sharpened to see beyond fabric and thread but to the potential for each person to emerge from their chrysalis to a stylishly fantastic butterfly.


In 2012 Walker created and titled his company Edifystyle. Through published work personal styling of business owners, independent artists, and radio personalities, his name is echoed as someone known for showing others how to achieve their own unique personal style. His singular mission is to help clients express themselves through fashion. Every client is a new challenge and opportunity to listen, learn, collaborate and plan a route from the bland to the beautiful.

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